Shades of White


I'm having a love affair with all of the amazing tiny tundra miracles outside my
doorstep. I could get lost out there if I weren't afraid of a polar bear sneaking up on me.
I'm interested in finding out the names of the different lichen species. Here is a book I'm going to look for.

1. dew on willow cotton
2. drops of dew accidentally smudged around the lens made this cool affect
3. this one reminds me of antlers
4. lichen cups! love them!
5. pretty ruffles of lichen that remind me of an ocean plant


Novice Naturalist said...

LOVELY, Annie. Just lovely. Thanks for sharing. Jay

Anonymous said...

Stunning! My ds#1 would love that book too.

I've updated my blogroll with your new home. :)

Hege said...

Beautiful photos!!

Patty said...

Oh, Annie. Your photos are beautiful. I'm so homesick!

annie said...

I also like to post to blogger with Windows Live Writer- you can make the photos HUGE!!! I love these frosty photos except they remind me of the unmentionable season! :o)

HollyM said...

Beautiful. I love the shades of white.

Consie said...

Annie -

You will LOVE that lichen book. It is a monster - huge book, but it is so full of beauty and copious quantities of good information. My husband gave it to me several birthdays ago, and sometimes I just get it out to look through for the sheer pleasure of lichens...

Inking Alaska said...

So AMAZING!!! I love your photos and paintings - You are a very very talented individual ... I am very honored to know of your great many talents.. Keep up the great work..!!!